Quality assurance - University of Borås



Quality assurance

The quality assurance processes at the University of Borås support the continuous enhancement of quality of the University’s research and education programmes and the development of culture of quality among the university staff.

The quality assurance processes are guided by a policy document for quality assurance (Policy för kvalitetsarbetet vid Högskolan i Borås, Dnr 337-08-90). They involve regular quality evaluation processes of the university’s education programmes initiated by the Research and Education Board and the Committee for Artistic Development Work and are based on written guidelines (Ordning för utvärdering av utbildningar vid Högskolan i Borås, dnr 152-11-11), as well as a regular inventory of the quality assurance processes. A quality assurance coordinator supports the quality evaluations and is responsible for the development and coordination of the quality assurance processes.

The quality assurance coordinator is Karen Nowé Hedvall.