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University of Borås

A group of students in Balder

Hello Anna-Karin Josefsson, new student ombudsman

Recently, Anna-Karin Josefsson became student ombudsman. We took the opportunity to ask her some questions to find out what that really means.

Ishtar Aldali.

Work as a social worker – goal after studies at Immigrant...

At Immigrant Academy at the University of Borås, Ishtar Aldali hopes to get the opportunity to be able to work in her field again.

International a full week at the University of Borås

Next week, 17-21 October, the university’s work within internationalisation will be highlighted.

Rihanna wears fashion student’s jacket

During Paris Fashion Week, world-famous artist Rihanna could be seen mingling in a pink jacket, designed by fashion design student Ella Boucht.

An early passion for Sweden led to exchange studies

Laetitia Herzog of Germany has just started an Erasmus exchange semester to study textile management and has already got into student life.

A celebration of the university's education and research

Days of Knowledge takes place 19 October and has an international theme this year. For the first time, the Social Media Prize will also be given out.

Abas: Science is a tool to reach sustainability

Abas Mohsenzadeh started his Master’s studies in Resource Recovery in 2008. Today, he continues his quest for a better world as a researcher.

Stricter observance of the exam rules

From this autumn semester the university will apply a stricter observance to the rules for examinations and the registration to examinations.

The Swedish School of Textiles kicks off Fashion Week

Fashion Week in Stockholm kicks off with graduates from the Swedish School of Textiles’ bachelor and master programmes in fashion design.

Make memories for the rest of your life

Hello there Andrew Goodman from Switzerland/Canada! You will soon start your second year at university. What is your advice for the new students?