2017-08-30 14:24

Ladokportalen will close - this is how it affects you

The University of Borås is about to upgrade the Ladok study documentation system. This means that Ladokportalen will be closed during the period 15-26 September. Read how you will be affected.

Get transcripts of registration and records and see your study result before 14 September

•When Ladok is closed, you will not be able to register online or obtain transcripts of registration and records. Grades that have not been submitted before closing will not be visible until after the upgrade of Ladokportalen.

•Application for approved leave from studies, admission to the later part of programs, and deferment of studies will not be possible until the upgrade is completed.

•If you are awaiting student finance from CSN during the closing period, there may be a delay due to the upgrade.

Changed registration dates for examinations

During a transition period, the dates for signing up for examinations will be changed:

•For examinations between Friday 22 September and Saturday 7 October, you have to sign up for the examination before Ladokportalen closes 14 September.

•For examinations from Monday 9 October, the sign up period will open on 27 September, and the latest sign up date will be as usual, no later than 7 days before the examination date.

Ladokportalen closes – to be replaced by Ladok Student

After the upgrade, you will no longer be able to log in to Ladokportalen, but instead use The Ladok Student tool to view your study results, register for courses and sign up for examinations.

What happens, and when?

•15 September: Ladokportalen closes. You cannot obtain transcript of records, see your study results or sign up for examinations until the new system is activated.

•27 September – New Ladok Student system is activated. From now on, you have access to your study results, certificates, register for courses and sign up for examinations in Ladok Student.


Use your current login. If you have questions, please contact your administration officer at a1@hb.se , a2@hb.se or a3@hb.se (depending on your academy).