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Internship abroad

Internship abroad is a good way to get professional experience that could be useful in your future career as well as a way to gain international experience.

You will have the chance to try out your theoretical knowledge and make contacts for the future. There are some different scholarships for internships to apply for. Some of them are administered by the university and some of them by external organizations.

Erasmus traineeship grant

The University of Borås participates in the Erasmus programme for traineeships. The programme gives the students the possibility to do a traineeship during 2-12 month in another European country. The grant provided is maximum 525 €/month depending on the receiving country and the length of the traineeship period. All students registered at a degree programme at the University of Borås are eligible to participate in the programme. More information about the Erasmus Traineeship grant.

Sida's travel grant

Sida’s travel grant is intended for students or recent graduates who have been accepted on an unpaid internship at an international organisation.