Student Health Care

Students at the University of Borås have access to Student Health Care at the University.

The employees at Student Health Care have an understanding of students' lifestyles. We work with preventative health care and individual contact. We also offer support through discussions or certain treatments. The Student Health Care is a compliment to the district health care.

  • All visits to the Student Health Care is free of charge.
  • We work under professional secrecy.
  • When you visit the Student Health Care for the first time, you need to bring a valid ID to prove your identity.
  • Please observe that we do not give advise though emails since there is no guarantee of secrecy.

Functions within the Student Health Care

At the Student Health Care there is a nurse and social counsellors. There is also a Student Pastor at the university who supports students.


The nurse can give you advice on health-related questions, perform simple check-ups or health care treatments. If you need further medical treatment you can also receive guidance where to turn. You can visit the nurse during drop-in-hours.
You can also book an appointment for a longer talk about your health. This Health-talk contains a dialogue about your health and lifestyle and (if you want) also a simple health examination. Perhaps you are considering quitting smoking or do some changes in your eating habits, this Health-talk may be the help you need to get started. 

Drop-in Monday–Thursday at 10:00–12:30.

N.B. Drop-in is closed due to sickness 30/1-3/2.

Other times by appointment.

Sometimes several students come to see the nurse at the same time during drop-in-hours, and in that case there will be some waiting time.

Anna-Lena Jingnäs

Anna-Lena Jingnäs, Nurse
Phone: 033-435 4264
Room number: L 538
E-mail:  anna-lena.jingnas@hb.se


Social Counsellor 

Having the opportunity to speak with someone can often be the beginning of a change. This can be true whether you are having problems with your studies, have issues with your economy, are affected by crisis, feeling of grief, or if you are worried, depressed or stressed.

Right now the waiting period for an appointment to the social counsellor is longer than normally. You might have to wait 5-6 weeks for an appointment.

You can always visit the nurse during drop-in hours monday-thursday 10.00-12.30.

Camilla Boström


Camilla Boström, Social Counsellor
Phone: 033-435 4024
Room number: L 536
E-mail: camilla.bostrom@hb.se

Anna Järvbring

Anna Järvbring, Social Counsellor
On leave until 2017-02-28


Visiting address

We are located on the 5th floor of the L-corridor in the Sandgärdet building, Järnvägsgatan 5.