Student Pastor

Johanna Fridäng, studentpräst

My name is Johanna Fridäng and I am the Student Pastor.

What can you talk to me about?
Anything! No matter what your faith or your background may be. About the everyday and the important, how you feel and what you like. Also the big questions in life. God's incomprehensible existence or absence, the meaning of life or the lack of it ...?

If there is interest, we can start a conversation group or Bible study group. I will also work with LGBT issues. In the spring, there may be an excursion planned for all interested students. Please let me know if you have suggestions!

My job here at the university is primarily to be here for you students, but others can also contact me.

You can find me at Student Health Care in room L529. Sometimes I will be in the Quiet room in D422.

Speak with me when you run into me, or book an appointment via email or text.
I am most likely available Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

You are welcome to get in touch with me!


NB: At the moment there is no Student Pastor available at the University. If you need support from the Church of Sweden in Borås, please call 033-179400 weekdays 9-16.

Johanna Fridäng, Student Pastor
Phone: 033-435 40 41 
Room number: L 529
E-mail: johanna.fridang@hb.se