Student Pastor

Johanna Fridäng, studentpräst

My name is Johanna Fridäng and I am the Student Pastor.

Why is a pastor working at the University? Well, I am here for the sake of you students, and also the employees, whether you have a faith or not and regardless your sexuality.

What do you talk about with a pastor? Well, you can talk about anything. You can talk about how you are, your thoughts about the future, your biggest dreams, your worst nightmares. Besides, you can talk about life, death, love, happiness, faith, doubts. 
Things which are important for your life. 

There are also quiet rooms at the University where you can find peace or pray. Room D422 and D424.

You are welcome to get in touch with me!


Johanna Fridäng, Student Pastor
Phone: 033-435 40 41 
Room number: L 529
E-mail: johanna.fridang@hb.se