Within the field of Business we are offering courses in English on Bachelor's and Master's level.

The academic year consists of four periods (P1-P4) and each semester is divided into two periods. Period 1 and 2 runs during the autumn semester, and period 3 and 4 during the spring semester.

30 ECTS correlates to full time studies for one semester. Two courses of each 7,5 ECTS, a total of 15 ECTS during one period is preferable in order to avoid schedule conflicts.

Exchange students may also apply for courses within other study fields such as Informatics and IT, Textiles and Fashion and/or Library and Information Science. Please read the course syllabuluses before applying since specific prerequisites may apply for some of the courses.

Contact our international coordinator Therese Arvidsson therese.arvidsson@hb.se for more information.

Spring 2019

Bacehlor's level

Master's level

Course offer for autumn 2019 are still to be decided. Courses shown below were offered autumn 2018.

Autumn 2018

Bachelor's level

All new exchange students should attend to the Orientation Days held 30 and 31 August 2018.

Master's level

This semester there are no courses offered on Master's level within Business for exchange students.