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International Coordinator

International students at the university can expect to receive support for their needs during their entire study period in Borås.

The university provides four main contacts for your questions (programme coordinator, admissions office, international coordinators for your programme and central international coordinators). If you don't know who to turn to you can always ask the International Student Services, and we will refer you to the right person.

If you have general questions about studying and living in Borås and Sweden as well as on practical matters then you should contact the International Student Services. Examples of questions include:

  • Higher education in Sweden - system, regulations and procedures in general
  • Exchange studies for incoming students - general information
  • Pre-arrival information (on accommodation, residence permit, insurance, etc.)
  • Orientation week and introduction material 
  • Swedish authorities (Migration Board, Tax Agency, CSN etc.)
  • Procedures in Sweden (for example regarding health care, working and bank accounts)
  • Certificates (certificate of registration and transcripts of records can be collected at the Student Centre)
  • Problems and complaints regarding your studies or situation at the university

International Student Services

Room: B309
E-mail: internationalstudent@hb.se
Phone: +46 (0) 33 435 44 88

If you have questions of an academic nature you should contact the international coordinator for your programme or your programme coordinator. Examples of questions include matters regarding course contents and course schedules, registering for new courses, exams, credit transfers, etc. 

Degree students should contact their programme coordinator or programme administrator for these questions. For questions about admissions, deferrals, tuition fees, scholarships, payments, etc. you should contact the Admissions Office admissions@hb.se

Exchange students should contact the international coordinator for their programme

International Office

International Student Services are a part of the International Office at the University of Borås. You can find the International Office in rooms B309-B3015, on the same floor as the Student Centre. At the International Office you can also, as a student or employee at the University of Borås, receive information about possibilities of studying or carrying out an internship abroad, or staff exchange abroad. For more information refer to our pages for outgoing mobility: Study abroad