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Bastian Welsing discovers Sweden during his exchange studies

A hiking trip to Bohuslän in 2011 sparked the interest that made Sweden the first choice for Bastian Welsings exchange studies in Supply Chain Management. He finds the city of Borås to be quiet, but the weekly Student Union activities keeps him busy - and the spare time around classes gives him time to travel.

Bastian Welsing.How come you chose to study at the University of Borås?

– My home university has partner universities all over the world. In Sweden we have six partner universities. And I have always been interested in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden since a hiking trip I did in 2011 in Bohuslän. My home university told me that the University of Borås would fit best to my study field which is Supply Chain Management. After reading some experience reports on the internet about Borås, I decided to apply to the University of Borås.

What is the best thing about being an exchange student?

– The best thing is to get in contact with new people from different countries in the world. I know that is what many of the exchange students say, but actually it is true. You can improve your English, learn a bit of Swedish, get to know different cultures and grow as a person.

What is good about the University?

– The atmosphere between teachers and students is really good. Compared to Germany or Austria, it is more personal which makes it easier to solve issues, if you should ever have some.  People at the university are very open-minded, but I think that is true in general for Sweden.

Bastian Welsing
Age: 28
From: Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Steyr, Austria
Study programme: Erasmus study exchange programme within Supply Chain Management

What is good about the studies in your opinion?

– For the exchange students there are a lot of classes lectured in English from which you can choose. So you can decide on your own what is interesting for you, as long as it is in accordance with your home university. As there are only four courses of 7,5 ECTS each, you can concentrate more on those four courses. In Austria you may have eight or more courses per semester with fewer credits.

Do you have any recommendations for students preparing for studies in Sweden?

– If you live in a European country, especially in central Europe, it is not that difficult. The staff at the University of Borås supports students a lot before the exchange. The only thing which you should be aware of is that student rooms and apartments are booked very early before the semester. So apply as soon as possible. And be aware that costs of living are more expensive than in Central Europe.

What is your impression of the Swedish people?

– Swedish people are very friendly - in the supermarket, the bus or wheresoever. The saying is that Swedes are reserved and difficult to get to know. But I have not experienced this very often. As an exchange student you get to know a lot of people from different countries in a short period of time. Maybe this is a bit different to someone moving to Sweden for work.

How do you find the student life in Borås?

– Borås is quiet a small city compared to Gothenburg or Stockholm of course. But the Student Union and student group ESN Borås organize a lot of activities and also the student party day (every Thursday) is always good.  And there is always enough free time to get around the city and the country. I have been in Borås for only six weeks now and have already visited Gothenburg, Jönköping, Gränna and also Oslo in Norway.