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New friends and experiences

“In my opinion, being an exchange student is one of the best experiences in a lifetime and every student should avail this opportunity.” Doriana Kuka, from Albania/Greece, is studying at the School of Library and Information Science.

Doriana KukaWhy did you choose to study at the University of Borås?

I wanted to experience a different academic system than the one in my country. My home university professors had recommended the University as one of the best regarding Library and Information Science. Moreover, I had been informed that Scandinavian countries are pioneers in education and that was a motivation for my decision.

What was it like moving to another country?

In the beginning, moving to another country was like an adventure for me because I had to live alone in a totally different environment than that I was used to. I had many thoughts such as: ‘’How is the university going to be?” “Will I make new friends and have fun?” “Will I learn new things?” and actually I was very stressed and concerned. But now it’s totally what I wished for – many friends, having fun, learning new things and practicing my English.

What is your impression of the Swedish people?

In my opinion, Swedish people are so kind and helpful, but at the same time, they are shy. They respect people and behave very politely. My first impression, and the thing that I admire, is that they are very organised and disciplined.

How do you find the student life in Borås?

Although Borås is a very quiet place for students, we always find a way to have fun and enjoy our staying here just by being all together and having parties. I have learned many things regarding my field of study, and it feels so nice to have friends and to explore new things with them. We organise many trips and sport events.

What is the best thing about being an exchange student?

In my opinion, being an exchange student is one of the best experiences in a lifetime and every student should avail this opportunity. One advantage is that you can practice your  English language skills and learn a new language. Additionally, the best part is that you meet new people from all over the world and each one of them offers you something new and makes you have a nice time and feel lucky that you are a part of Erasmus!