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A Swedish BSc degree is the goal for Fangkai Li

Fangkai Li from China is doing an exchange during 2015 in Sweden as part of the IMIT programme. As a part of the programme he will spend the final year of his studies at the University of Borås to earn a Swedish bachelor degree. 

Fangkai Li.How come you chose to study at the University of Borås?

– My university in Shandong China offers an exchange program with the University of Borås. Swedish students spend one year in China and will get a Chinese bachelor degree. On the other hand, Chinese students will get a Swedish bachelor degree. I am lucky to be selected by my school and have the opportunity to study at the University of Borås.

What is the best thing about being an exchange student?

– In my opinion, being an exchange student can broaden my horizon and cultivate independent ability. I can experience the western education system and improve my English. I think the experience is good for me to find a good job in the future.

What is good about the University in your opinion?

– I think the teaching facilities at the university are very good. For example I can use the computers in the media lab whenever I want. And my work is saved into my account automatically. It is very convenient, so I like it very much.

Fangkai Li
Age: 24
From: Shandong Jiaotong University, China
Study programme: Linnaeus-Palme study exchange programme within the IMIT programme

What is good about the studies in your opinion?

– First of all, teachers are very kind and helpful. When you have some difficulties in your studies the teacher will help you to solve it. Secondly, the atmosphere in the classroom is very active which is totally different to Chinese universities.

What is your impression of the Swedish people?

– Swedish people are very nice and their English is very fluent. You do not need to be afraid of getting lost in Borås, because Swedish people will help you to find your way back. They are very helpful and enthusiastic.

How do you find the student life in Borås?

– I have some Swedish friends and we usually do the assignments together. In our spare time we talk a lot about their life in Borås and the differences between China and Sweden. I also take part in all kinds of activities which are organized by the Student Union and make friends with Swedish students.

Do you have any recommendations for students preparing for studies in Sweden?

– At the beginning I think students should learn English well, especially non-native English speakers. In addition, they can preview the courses that they will study in Sweden before the exchange. It will help them to finish their studies successfully.