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Xie Fei.

Xie Fei aims for a double degree in Business Administration

Xie Fei did not hesitate when the opportunity to go for a study exchange and get a double degree appeared. The University of Borås in the south-west part of Sweden has now been his “home” for soon ten months.

At home at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in Shanghai, he studies business administration. The co-operation between the two universities gave him the opportunity to spend a study year, ten months, in Borås city. Here he studies change management, international marketing, Scandinavian consumer behaviour, e-business, information security and he also carries out a final thesis project. Completing the courses will allow him to apply for a BSc degree both at the home university and at the University of Borås, At the University of Borås it will be a Degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in Business Administration.

Xie Fei
Age: 23
From: Shanghai, China, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
Studies for a: Degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in Business Administration
Leisure time: Cooking, reading books and watching movies
Recommendations to new students: Take the opportunity to come here and get experience.

“The teachers are very good. There is no pressure from them. They are very helpful on how to improve and how to get into the studies. The study system is different from in China. Here in Sweden you are expected to think and analyze more individually, while in China you are expected to follow the guidance from the teachers more strictly an to recite them. Here in Sweden you must plan your studies a lot yourself.

The student life is also different. Here the student organizations organize several activities for the international studies, like parties and such”.

Xie Fei has a very convenient living. The student room is just a five minute walk away from the university in the centre of the city. Everything he needs is in a walking distance, like the railway station and shops.

“Borås is a nice city. The only thing is that the shops close very early. That is very odd, I think”.

Being away from home has one very good benefit. At the home university there are many restaurants and the food is inexpensive which in Xie Fei’s case led to that he never cooked any meals. Here in Borås he had to take care of the cooking himself, as the meals in the restaurants are very expensive for a student.

“That is right. I had never cooked in my live before. Now I enjoy it a lot. The favourite meal is fried pork with rice and vegetables with soy sauce”.

Text and photo: Solveig Klug