Halim Hasan.

After only a short time there’s already a difference

Halim Hasan came to Sweden two years ago after leaving war-torn Syria. He worked as an electrical engineer there. Here in Sweden, it’s been difficult to get work as an academic. Now he is getting help at Immigrant Academy at the University of Borås to increase his knowledge and more easily come into the Swedish workforce.

How did you make contact with Immigrant Academy?

“I received information about it when I studied at Komvux.”

Halim Hasan 
From: Syria 
Previously done: Worked as an electrical engineer within telecommunications in Syria. 
Studies: Swedish as a second language for foreign academics for a sustainable society and work life 1-60 ECTS credits at Immigrant Academy. Began at Immigrant Academy in autumn 2016.

What do you think about the educational programme?

“I’m busy learning Swedish and I thought that it would probably not be so easy to study at Immigrant Academy. But after just a few months, I have seen what a difference it makes. It is very fun and we learn quite a lot that is very useful. The best thing about the programme is that there are professional, patient instructors and guides. I am very thankful for them.”

In what way do you benefit from the programme? 

“I believe that language is the key to beginning a new life in a new place. We also get to learn about society, work life, and the educational system, which makes it easier for us to understand how Swedish society in general and the workforce function. We also receive study and career counselling.”

What do you do in your studies?

“We have lectures and workshops with different content; we participate in different seminars and do group work, presentations, oral practice, and counselling sessions.”

How has it gone up until today?

”I think it has been tough so far. I need more hours in the day, but I am pleased.”

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Text and photo: Solveig Klug