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Janne Järvinen.

Janne is Closing the Loop with an MSc Degree in Value Chain Management

A general interest in textiles made Janne Järvinen choose studies in textile technology. A great interest in sustainability led him further on to the master programme in textile management with specialisation value chain management at the University of Borås.

A teacher back home in Finland suggested Janne Järvinen to take a closer look at the master programmes in textile at the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås. Janne already had a bachelor degree in textile technology, but now he looked for courses that would help him close the loop, like corporate social responsibility, CSR, and sustainability. In 2013 he moved to Borås.

Janne Järvinen
Study programme: MSc in Textile Management with specialisation Value Chain Management (2 years)
Age: 35
From: Helsinki, Finland
Previously done: BSc in Textile Technology, Lahti University, Finland, exchange studies at the School of Textiles, Borås, Sweden 2009, exchange studies in Donghua University, Shanghai, China, 2010. Has spent several winter seasons skiing,snowboarding and climbing in Chamonix, France.
Leisure time: Skiing, snowboarding, climbing, workout and jogging (runs for the local sports club SOK Knallen in Borås). 

− The first courses on the programme were about logistics and management, not quite my favourite topics, but, indeed important if you want to run an enterprise. The following courses however made me satisfied with my choice of programme. There we discussed sustainability, recycling and ethical matters. As a matter of fact, sustainability is incorporated in the business courses as well, which I like. Other courses that I am very fond of are the courses where we study visual communication like advertisement, photography, image processing and layout.

Dream Project

During this last semester Janne will do an internship in combination with the final thesis work.
− I will do a study for the Norwegian company Norrøna that produces garment for climbing and skiing. As I do climbing and skiing myself, it is a wonderful opportunity to do this project.
The project is about how to make and keep a company sustainable, and Janne will use a self assessment tool called the Higgs index to analyze the level of sustainability in the company. It will cover the production, chemicals, sustainable actions and social issues.
− During my internship I will examine which aspects of the tool that can suit best for the company. As a second part, which will be my final thesis project, I will assist in implementing the tool.

What do you think about your study fellows?

− We make a fine mix of students with different backgrounds as we come from several different countries. I definitely raise the average age. But then we really do not focus on age at all, but in our common interest in the subjects we study.

What are your plans for the future?

− I am not sure. I hope to get a job in a company where they are interested in developing strategies for sustainability. In the best of worlds it would be a company with a connection to my hobbies. In which country it would be does not really matter to me.

Recommendations to new students:

  • The Swedish School of Textiles has three different specializations in textile management. Make sure you choose the one that suits your purposes best.`
  • I learned to like Borås. Wherever you live, it is always close to nature. You have access to the forest in any direction from the centre. There is a lot to do together with other students. Everything you need is located within easy reach. If you would miss the big city pulse, Gothenburg is really close.
  • Use the time well and make trips to other places in Scandinavia as early as possible during your time here.You will not have time to do it in your final year as you will have to focus on the final project courses.

Text and photo: Solveig Klug

4 February, 2015