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Manuela Wagner.

Great Potential in Resource Recovery for Manuela

Manuela Wagner always wanted to do something connected to the nature and the environment. Her interest started when she as a teenager wanted to save the rainforest. She studied environmental engineering in Germany and saw that there is a high demand for knowledge on how to recover different things.

Why did you choose to study in Borås, Sweden?

– I did an Erasmus semester in Luleå and fell in love with Sweden as a country. Why it came to be studies in Borås is because this particular master programme is only offered here.

What did you do on the study programme?

– We had courses in different areas, mainly for biogas production, and calculations on steam power plants.

Is there any particular part of the study programme that you like?

– I liked the courses about resource recovery. We have learned how to put everything in a sustainable cycle and how to make the different processes more efficient.

Manuela Wagner
From: Germany
Studies: Master programme in Resource Recovery, 2 years 2014-2016
Previous studies: BSc degree in environmental engineering in Germany
Other: Engaged as the president of the student organization ESN Borås

You are now doing a one year final thesis project. What is it about?

– It is a big project on how to recover Zink from fly ash by leaching. My task will be to run a pilot after some lab research.

How will you use your gained knowledge?

– As it is a big project with a lot of companies included, I hope it will help me find a good job in this area here in Sweden.

Where will you be and what will you do in ten years?

– Haha, that is a good question! Honestly I don't know. It can be here in Sweden in a classic little red cottage next to a lake, if everything works out as expected. On the other hand, the last time when I wanted to go back to Sweden, I first ended up in Australia for five month, so you never know how life turns out. On one hand I want to work with engineering and on the other hand with people…

Would you recommend this master programme to other students?

– Yes, definitely. But I strongly recommend them not to do much else beside the studies, as it is full time studies. It means full speed from the beginning and a lot of work to do on the courses. But going through this with the other students will be a very good experience.

What do you think about Borås?

– During the first study year I lived in Borås. I love that it is so close to the nature. And I like the street art here. However, this year I live in Gothenburg as I do the thesis project there.

And about the university?

– The university is good. There is always someone who is happy to help you if you have a problem. There are a lot of offers for students through the student organizations.

When did you start and when do you complete the master studies?

– I started in the autumn 2014 and will be done June 2016.

Text and photo: Solveig Klug