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Distance studies in Library and Information Science perfect for Vojtech

Vojtech Plesak studies Library and Information Science, Digital Library and Information Services. He was intrigued by the possibility of studying library science and experiencing educational processes in another European country. The absence of tuition fees for EU/EEA citizens also played a role in his decision.

Vojtech Plesak on the Colour run day arranged by the Student Union of Borås.What is the aim of your studies?

– Well I am hopeful to successfully increase my expertise in field in the process.

What do you do on the study programme?

– We focus on a variety of aspects linked to the study programme, such as digitization processes with follow-up procedures or cultural heritage preservation. We also discuss techniques connected to the academic side of the programme, such as research methodology.

How are the studies organized?

– All of the classes are conducted through the University’s learning platform PingPong. Details vary; some courses offer sit-in classes during a residential period, some have webinars through Abode Connect. Ultimately, all of them ask for a lot of self-study and individual time management with an online submission of final papers.

How are the examinations executed?

– The majority of the classes are graded based on submitted essays. Some classes also take in account practical exercises, online presentations or group discussions.

Vojtech Plesak
From: Czech Republic
Studies: Master's programme: Library and Information Science, Digital Library and Information Services – Distance studies
Previously done:  Ba(Hons) at the University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom.
About the University of Borås: The University is modern, with a lovely library. Staff and professors are friendly and professional.
About Borås: The city is rather small, but clean and close to Gothenburg. The Erasmus group seems very active and is a great place to meet new people and engage in various activities, including trips around Sweden. I especially liked the free access to the sports hall in the afternoons.

What is your opinion about the study programme?

– At times it feels somewhat chaotic, however in the end I always manage to gain access into the classes I need. The classes are well organized by skilled professors.

Which is your favourite course?

– That would be either Interaction Design as that was a very practical module or Technologies of Digital Libraries 2 as this module dealt with an interesting, very up to date topic.

What is your opinion about the lectures?

– I have only attended a few, which seemed well prepared and presented with expected enthusiasm and professionalism.

Would you recommend other students to choose this study programme?

– This program is a good alternative for anyone, who cannot devote all their time to the University.

You are doing a traineeship - is it part of the studies?

– My traineeship is at the European University Institute, at the EUI Library. I am allowed to work for various services and learn linked procedures as well as familiarize myself with basic library work flow. It is not part of my studies. However I have secured the traineeship thanks to my attendance of the course.

Text: Solveig Klug
Photo: Private