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Wael Gamaleldin.

The MSc Programme Combining the Very Best for Wael

The combination textile, management and value chain was the perfect combination for Wael Gamaleldin. The only study programme with all this was available at The Swedish School of Textiles.

Why did you choose to study value chain management?

– I chose to study value chain management based on my previous education in textile engineering and my work experience in textile sourcing and value chain where I worked with many companies for several years. I liked my career and felt the need to get a deeper academic knowledge in the field.

Wael Gamaleldin
Studies: Master in Textile Management – Value Chain Management, 2 years
From: Damanhour, Egypt
Previously done: BSc degree in Textile Engineering, Alexandria University. Worked in different textile places with manufacturing, maintenance, quality assurance and sourcing and supply chain management. Worked with many multinational companies.
Leisure time: Watch football games or movies, talk to friends and family overseas, gathering with friends.

Why in Borås in Sweden?

– I looked for a programme combining the textile, management and value chain and the only programme I found to fulfil these requirements was the one at the Swedish School of Textiles, as most of the programmes around the world either concerns textile engineering or business management or even fashion management and design, while I really wanted to study neither of these. Borås is the only place where I can study what I want. In addition, education in Sweden has a great reputation around Europe when it comes to standards and techniques. Furthermore, I was very lucky to be granted the Swedish Institute Scholarship to study here.

What is the best thing about the study programme?  

– Studying with a group of people from 26 different countries really is amazing, especially as we have different backgrounds. Some of us are textile, mechanical or industrial engineers, others have a business management background, while others are fashion designers or even lawyers, it really is a great mixture of people and ideas.

What do you think about the Swedish School of Textiles?

– We are very lucky that we got the chance to study in the new building housing the Swedish School of Textiles. The education tools and assessments are amazing and open doors to plenty of opportunities. The teachers are really good and do a lot to help the students. I love the place, the architecture and design ideas everywhere. The city of Borås is the center of the Swedish textile industry. In the beginning of the studies we visited different textile mills in and around Borås, which puts things in a context.

And about Borås?

– Borås is quite a small, beautiful city and this might be the best thing about it. You find water and green areas everywhere (of course it is white now in the winter). Architecture and sculptures are spread around the city and this makes it really beautiful. People are very nice and amazingly helpful, most of them speak English, which makes things much easier than in many other places in the world.
However, being a very quiet city it may get boring sometimes, if you are used to the pulse of a bigger city.  I am not used to this amount of rain and snow. But you manage the cold climate thanks to the well isolated and heated houses and the good clothing.

What will your final project be about?

– This is a hard question to answer as I have more than one idea to work with. Initially I had some ideas about virtual fitting, but now I feel attached to the supply chain studies, and at the same time I am looking for a thesis with more business management to enhance my knowledge in this area.  I look forward to the field study period in April when I will be able to focus on a specific research area to build up same ideas for the final thesis next year.

What will you do after the study programme?

– My main goal is to do something to change my home country Egypt and help promoting the textile industry there. Studying here opens doors of knowledge to me and I feel eager to continue learning to transfer this knowledge to my country. I would be lucky if I could apply what I learn here on a career in Europe or America before I get back home for further application and benefit to my country.
Otherwise I will go back to Egypt and try to plant this knowledge about sustainability, business management and textile supply chain techniques to the industry that really needs it.

Where will you be in 10 years and what will you be doing?

– You never know what tomorrow brings and which doors will be opened. Anyway, I look forward to establish a consultancy office in Egypt to educate and train people in the textile industry. It would also be great if I could offer consultancy services to the public sector in Egypt. We really have very good initiatives in Egypt, but unfortunately we lack the knowledge of resource management.

What advice would you give to new students aiming for this study programme?

– Do your best to broaden your knowledge. Make the best of it as much as you can.

Text: Solveig Klug
Photo: Suss Wilén