Ogechi Ngerem

Ogechi aims to become a researcher in informatics

The focus in the Master’s programme in Informatics on writing academic papers and reports and making oral presentations strengthens students’ confidence. This is something that Ogechi Ngerem very much appreciates, as her future goal is to become a researcher in informatics.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Borås?

“The university was recommended by a former student at the university.”

Ogechi Ngerem 
From: Nigeria 
Studies: Master’s in Informatics

What was your first impression when you arrived in Borås?

“My first impression was that the city is very quiet and cold, unlike my home country where we are so many people and it is very warm. People are very nice, accommodating and quiet, which makes me feel at home. I had the opportunity to meet new friends from different countries with different cultures and food.”

What is your impression of the Master’s programme?

“It is a good programme and it touches on different trending areas of information systems. Also, the teaching technique is good. The studies here are quite similar to the study patterns in my home country, but with minor differences. For example, here students write research papers either in groups or individually and make presentations for every course. This is something I would like the universities in Nigeria to implement, as it will give students more knowledge and confidence in presentations. Also the tradition of having ‘fika’, a coffee break, in between lectures is something I would like the Nigerian universities to implement, as it helps students to be refreshed for another section of the lecture.”

What do you like best about the study programme?

“The paper writing and the presentations, as it makes you understand the course better, it makes you learn independently, and it makes you more confident at presentations.”

What is your future goal with your studies here?

“I would like to go ahead with doctoral studies and specialise in the area of Human Computer Interaction.”

What is your impression of Borås?

“Borås is a beautiful city, it is a peaceful and safe city to live in. Borås is a good place for studying, as there are not so many distractions.”

Tips to new students:

“Try as much as you can to make good use of all available resources, especially the university library as well as the e-library.”

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Text: Solveig Klug
Photo: Alaa Alshakkour