Robin Temmink, at the Swedish School of Textiles.

Borås was her first choice

Instead of the US, UK, Spain or Australia, Robin Temmink chose Borås in Sweden. As a student in the master programme in Textile Engineering it didn’t take long before she found her way at the Swedish School of Textiles.

How would you describe your time in Borås?

– My experience so far is very good. The teachers are really passionate about teaching about their work field, and everyone is willing to help you if you ask. Also the facilities are great. At my previous university my study programme was one of many, so we only had a very small lab with some equipment. It was just the necessities. What I love about the Swedish School of Textiles is that they have everything here. It really feels like paradise.

Robin Temmink
Oldenzaal in the Netherlands
Hidden talents:
“I love to sing, and it is even worth hearing outside of the shower. I also feel like I am good at cheering people up. I am very talkative and I just love making people smile”.

Why did you choose to study in Borås?

– In the Netherlands there was no option for me to do a master in textile engineering, so I started to look around. The options I found were California in the US, Leeds in the UK, and a university in Spain and Australia. The reason I ended up in Borås is that I always wanted to go to Sweden, because I have always heard wonderful things about this country. So this was a good way of combining my master with visiting Sweden. The master programme at the Swedish School of Textiles was also most compatible with my wishes.

What do you remember from you first day?

– I talk about my first day every once in a while with my friends, mostly about how we ended up meeting each other. I remember the story Gustav Kibe told us about how Swedish people are all equal and that they are shy when it comes to speaking English. That was really fun, because then you have kind of an impression of the Swedes, even though it was not always correct. My favourite part was the tour through the university where everyone lined up holding a rope. Even though it was not that practical, we had a lot of fun and I met some of my closest friends there.

What’s your most valuable experience so far?

– It’s hard to say. I don’t think I have a most valuable moment, because I enjoy every moment here.

Do you have a favourite subject in textile engineering?

– No, I don’t have a particular favourite subject. That’s what I like about this field. It’s so broad, and every time you can be working on something completely different. That is the reason why I want to do research, because I love to learn new things.

What’s good to know if you want to study in Borås?

– Borås might not be the largest city in the world, but the people are very kind and it is full of fun students.

Text and photo: Martin Högqvist

1 March, 2016