Tina enjoys the open academic atmosphere

The study exchange in the relaxed city of Borås gave Tina Yiwen Ding relief from pressure as well as a double degree in management and IT.

Tina Yiwen Ding.Tina Yiwen Ding got the chance to do a study exchange year at the University of Borås through the double degree programme International Management and IT, IMIT, a co-operation between the University of Borås and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

What was the best about the study programme?

– The best part of this program is the free and open academic atmosphere and the international student group. Besides, there are many group works during the study, which is a very interesting way of studying. I love the idea to do the studies in the form of group work. Many courses are interesting, but my favourite course was Object Oriented System Development. We had an amazing teacher.

Tina Yiwen Ding
From: Shanghai, China
Studies: University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and an exchange study year at the University of Borås within the double degree programme International Management and IT, IMIT

What did you think about the lecturers?

– They gave us students a lot of own responsibility during the studies and taught us how to learn and do the research independently, which is very important.

What did you think about the university?

– The university is very pretty and I love the decorations around the campus.

And about Borås?

– Borås is a lovely and cosy city. The city atmosphere actually calmed me down and released all pressure. The people are extremely nice!

What was the best about being a student here?

– It was that I made a lot of amazing friends from all over the world. I still have contact with some of them.

What did you do before the studies at the University of Borås?

– I studied at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology as a bachelor student.

What happened after the studies at IMIT-programme?

– The one-year experience in Borås was so amazing that I decided to stay a bit longer trying to get a job in Sweden. Luckily I got an internship at a startup company in Stockholm. I worked as a marketing intern for a start. Then I got employed and worked as a marketing and growth assistant. My main task is to do marketing campaigns and community management to boost the traffic. The company produces video apps to help people to create, edit and share videos

How were you received at the company?

– They are all very friendly. They taught me a lot and later I was entrusted more and more responsibility. Once a week we have a social activity - company lunch and beer. I don't need to worry about the fact that I don't speak Swedish very well as my colleagues all speak excellent English.

What skills does the company appreciate from you?

– My analytics skills, creative mind, copy writing and my skills on crisis management.

What are your plans for the future?

– My plan is to work in the marketing area until I will be professional in this area. And then I will pursue a management position.

Text: Solveig Klug
Photo: Private