2017-08-18 09:52

Primo updated

A new version of Primo has been released in August.

Primo is updated with new and improved functionality continuously. In August, the latest update was released.


  • Sticky Facets - This enhancements allows users to make active facets persistent for an entire session. To make a facet persistent, the user must hover the cursor over the facet in the Active filters section of the new UI and then click the facet's padlock
  • Multiple Facet Selection - This enhancement allows users to include/exclude multiple facets at a time to filter their search results. Previously, users could add only one facet at a time in the new UI

Personalized Results

The Personalized Results feature is now supported in the new Primo UI. This enhancement boosts the rankings of Primo Central records that match the users personalized settings. The user can choose to rank results based on subjects.

Search Expansion with Controlled Vocabulary

This new service expands the search with words and phrases that constitute variations of the search term with the same meaning and thereby increases the accuracy of the user’s search. This feature is similar to the expansion with synonyms but more robust. The expansions are visible on the screen and add, for example, variations of the search term with the same meaning (example ADHD and attention deficit disorder, or name variations such as assata shakur and asata shakur). Users are provided with the option to revert to using only their original search term.

Sort in Favorites

This enhancement allows users to sort their saved entries on the My Favorites page. The following Sort by options are valid: Title, Author, and Date added.

Below a screenshot of the Primo UI with the new features marked.

Primo UI