Rolf Hasslöw

2018-05-22 13:53

Coordinates support for research data

During this spring, the university has employed a coordinator with a focus on research data. The coordinator's task is to coordinate and concretize the support available for managing research data.

Since mid-March, Rolf Hasslöw has been employed at the library to coordinate work on developing permanent structures for support for managing research data. The position of coordinator, focusing on research data is a completely new position, and also a bit special since it, in the current situation, is shared between University of Borås, University of Skövde and University West. This means that Rolf shares his time between three different universities, where the assignment is the same at all universities.

Here in Borås, efforts are being made to set up a group to support researchers in research data management, a so-called Data Access Unit (DAU). Managing research data is a complex process, and a DAU therefore needs to consist of several different skills, which together can answer all the questions that may arise when research data is handled correctly. From the Swedish National Data Service (SND), the proposal is that a DAU should have access to the following service types: research librarian, archivist, lawyer, research and innovation staff, and IT staff.

The primary task of an DAU is to help the university's researchers to make their data as accessible as possible, in accordance with the FAIR principles (FAIR stands for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). Specifically, this means educating and supporting the researchers in data management and accessibility and publishing of metadata.

Once the DAU: one is established, this will be informed of, but if you are a researcher looking for support in your handling of research data while waiting for the DAU this is entirely possible. Contact Rolf Hasslöw or Signe Wulund.