Library Breakfasts fall 2017 - University of Borås


Library Breakfast fall 2017

Come have breakfast at the Library while you listen to an interesting presentation. The breakfast is available from 08:00, the presentation starts 08:15 and it all ends at 08:50. Room J2519.

The breakfast consists of coffee / tea / juice, sandwich and fruit.

The Library Breakfasts are open to students and staff at the University of Borås. However, there are only 25 seats, and registration is mandatory in order to participate. Registration for each breakfast is made via the links below in the program.

25 October: Open Access to Research Data

Pieta EklundPieta Eklund has a presentation about open access and research data. What is open data? How can you handle the requirements for open access research data? The breakfast is held during Open Access Week 2017. In conjunction with breakfast, a workshop will be held where you will be able to discuss and reflect on your research data and how to handle it, including using SND's checklist for managing research data. Registration and more information about the workshop can be found here.

Main target groups: Researchers and graduate students at the university.

Last date to register for the breakfast has passed.

Application deadline for this library Breakfast is Monday, October 23.