Library user agreement

Here you can read through the agreement that you need to approve to get a loan account at the library at the University of Borås.

By approving the following agreement upon registration, the borrower is bound to follow the library’s rules, and that the library will handle personal data about the borrower. The borrowing rules may change during the contract period.

About the library

  • The library is a public library open to all.
  • By applying for a library card the borrower consents to follow library rules.
  • The collections are primarily intended for students and university staff.
  • The library's opening hours, addresses and prices are posted on the website.

Library Card / Library Account

  • The University's students and staff get a library card giving entitlement to local and interlibrary loans.
  • Researchers and students from other universities receive loan account giving entitlement to local and interlibrary loans.
  • Any person at the age of 16 get a loan account eligible for local loans, with the exception of course books (compulsory literature at the University of Borås).
  • Any person under the age of 18 must present apaproval from a legal guardian in order to recieve a library account, this is done by using this form.
  • To be able to get a library card/account, a valid photo ID is required. External student must also demonstrate that they are students at another university by showing a campus card or similar.
  • Distance students use their user account for loans.
  • The library card/account is a personal document. The person signing the library card/account is responsible for everything borrowed on it – also financially.
  • Loss of the library card must be reported immediately to the library.
  • Replacement of a lost library card is done for a fee of 100 SEK.
  • It is the borrower's responsibility to ensure that the library has access to the correct address data, this means postal address as well as e-mail address.

Loan periods, renewals and reservations

  • The loan period for course books is 7 days. For distance students the loan period for course books is 11 days, because of the time it takes to send the book by mail.
  • The loan period for other books is 21 days. For distance students the loan period for other books is 24 days, because of the time it takes to send the book by mail.
  • New loan are not allowed if the borrower has overdue books that are reserved by another borrower.
  • If there are no reservations on course books or other books they will be automatically renewed, unless the maximum loan period is reached.
  • If an automatic renewal is not possible, there will be a reminder sent by e-mail that the book should be returned.
  • The maximum loan period for course books (7-day loans) is four months. For 21-day loans, the maximum loan period is 12 months for students and 24 months for staff.
  • If no one has reserved the book when the maximum loan period is reached, it is possible to borrow the book again, but it requires that the borrower comes to the library.
  • Reserved material must be picked up within three days.

Materials with alternative loan periods

  • The loan period for a key to a locker is 1 week. It is possible to borrow the key again, but it requires that the borrower comes to the library.
  • The loan period for headphones is 1 day.
  • The loans for keys or headphones cannot be renewed.

Materials that cannot be borrowed

  • Reference literature, such as dictionaries and encyclopedias
  • Magazines
  • Maps
  • Newspapers
  • Some official publications
  • Statistics
  • Micro Media
  • Some course books

Loans from other libraries (Inter Library Loans)

  • The library provides loans from other Swedish and foreign libraries and archives to the university staff and students, and external students and researchers, provided the requested material is not available in the library's collections.
  • For copies of articles a fee will be requested from students.
  • The lending library’s regulations apply to the borrowed material.

Overdue fines, claims and invoices

  • Materials not returned on time will be requested by the library by e-mail. Each borrower is obliged to keep track of the loan period for borrowed materials. The library is not obliged to send reminders but does this as a service. This service is only provided for users that have supplied the library with their e-mail address.
  • Overdue fine for all books is 10 SEK per day and per book.
  • The library card/account is blocked if the borrower has a debt of 100 SEK or more.
  • 14-30 days after the materials loan period has passed, an invoice with a predetermined amount of 500 SEK / book will be sent to the borrower.
  • When an invoice is sent, there is always an administrative fee of 50 SEK / book.
  • If the borrowed material is returned after the invoice has been sent, the for the book is removed, but the administrative fee must still be paid.
  • Unpaid debts are submitted to collection.
  • Debts that have been sent to the borrower by invoice should always be paid against that invoice.
  • The fee for a book not returned or damaged is a predetermined amount of 500 SEK / book, this aslo applies for interlibrary loans.

Electronic media

  • All visitors are welcome to use the library's electronic media, such as databases and e-journals.
  • For access to the electronic media outside the library building the person has be attached to the University of Borås.

Privacy Policy

The library is bound under § 3 chapter 40 of the Swedish law Offentlighets- och sekretesslagen (SFS 2009: 400) for the data files on individual loans, reservations and other types of orders.

Processing of personal data

Anyone who wants to become a borrower at the library at the University of Borås needs to leave some information about them. The information the library need to collect is name, Swedish personal identity number, address, telephone number and e-mail address. The data will be used to handle the loans you make at the library.

The data will be accessible to the library staff. In the case of billing of fines and fees, the University's finance department will also be given access to the data. In the event of non-payment of an invoice, the information will be forwarded to the procured collection company. In case of changes in the Library user agreement, or other major changes affecting library users, the e-mail address may be used in an external mail system.

The data will be stored in a storage service available through the Internet (so-called cloud service). The data will be deleted when the borrower is no longer considered active.

The borrower can, at any time, notify the library that then no longer wish to be a borrower at the library. The library account will then be deleted, provided there are no active loans, fines or fees at the library.

With reservation for changes.