Recorded literature

Students with reading and writing difficulties are able to borrow recorded literature.

Students with reading and writing difficulties are able to borrow course literature in alternative formats from MTM (Swedish Agency for Accessible Media). You will find more information at the website of MTM. To use the service, please contact contact the Library and we will help you get set.

What are the rules?

The Library will provide you with an account. With an account you will be able to download the books you need directly from the web based MTM catalogue. The loan period is six months.

With an account you may borrow mandatory course literature whether it is already recorded or has to be produced. Literature that requires new recordings will take six-twelve weeks. You should contact the Library as soon as possible.

Media formats

The course literature is produced as talking books, e-text books in Textview format, braille and enlarged text.

The talking books are distributed in DAISY format. DAISY is a set of hardware and software tools to record, store, transfer, and read digital audio books. To be able to listen to talking books you must download a software from MTM. You could also listen to the book in an ordinary mp3-player. 

The app Legimus is made for use on mobile phones or tablets. Download the app Legimus from MTM.

To read e-text books in your PC you will need Textview, a browser for electronic text, with a license number and an adaption like speech synthesizer or braille display.


If you have questions about talking books, please contact the Library and we will help you to get set.

Lena Svenson
Phone: 033-435 40 45
E-mail: lena.svenson@hb.se

Martin Borg
Phone: 033-435 40 69
E-mail: martin.borg@hb.se

Marie Gustafsson
Phone: 033-435 40 43
E-mail: marie.gustavsson@hb.se