Rules and regulations

Borrowing books

Books may be borrowed for 14 days. If no one else reserves the book you may keep it for 90 days. Obligatory course literature may be borrowed for 14 days.

All registered borrowers can borrow most of the library's stock. The main exceptions are:

  • journals
  • parliamentary publications
  • encyclopaedias and reference books
  • statistics

There are also certain restrictions for borrowers other than staff and students at the university who can not borrow obligatory course literature.

Reserving a book

You can reserve a book which is out on loan via the library catalogue, Don't forget to cancel your reservation if you no longer need the book. A reserved book must be fetched within 5 days of notification.

Library card

In order to obtain a library card you must be able to identify yourself (passport, Swedish identification card or valid driving license) before you can get your card.

The library card also works as a passage card for doors and a copy card.

A library card is a valuable document and you are responsible for all loans registered on your card.

If you lose your library card please report this to the library. A new card costs 100 crowns. If your card has been stolen, the replacement fee can be waived if you can show us a copy of the police report.

Overdue books, fines and lost books

The library will immediately request the return of overdue books when others have reserved them.

If you fail to return the book within 3 days you will be barred from making further loans. If the book has not been returned within 30 days you will receive an invoice for it.

The invoice will include a standard book replacement charge that varies depending on the type of literature and an administrative fee of 250 crowns that must be paid before your record is cleared. If the overdue book is returned after the invoice has been sent, the standard book replacement charge will be cancelled, but the administrative fee still has to be paid.

Fines for lost or destroyed inter-library loans are determined by the loaning library.