Information seeking

Information seeking 

The library have offered several search-related services to the university researchers for a long time. An example is the library inter library loans service which often involves some detective work. Upon request we have also had search instruction sessions and made search reports. 

To further reach out with our search instruction we have worked to standardize the practice to make it more scalable. 

Search instruction

To book a search instruction session you can contact the library. It helps if you have started to formulate an information need and documented the keywords you have used and where you have used them.  

Search request 

After you have had an introduction you can book more search instructions or you can ask the librarian to do the searches in a search request. There is a cost related to the search request of 328kr/h. If you want to use this scervice it is impotant that we agree over the scope and document this in a agreement.