Scientific journals

Following scientific journals are published at the university.

Human IT

Human IT is a multi-disciplinary and scholarly journal with the goal of bringing forth new research and discussion about digital media as communicative, aesthetic, and ludic instruments. The journal is closely aligned with the new field of research which is alternatively referred to as humanities computing, social informatics, or informatica umanistica. The journal welcomes contributions from the humanities, the social, behavioural, and natural sciences, as well as technology. Human IT aspires to be a forum for new research which risks falling outside of the borders of intra-disciplinary channels of publication as a result of its multi-disciplinary approach or unorthodox choice of subject. A consequence of this interdisciplinary ambition is that Human IT is published jointly by the departments of the University of Borås. It also works with an extended editorial board which includes representatives from many different scholarly disciplines, practices, and countries.


The Nordic Textile Journal

The Nordic Textile Journal is a scientific journal in the area of textiles. Interesting results in research and development within the areas of design, handicrafts, technology and textile and design management is presented. It is published by the Swedish School of Textiles

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Other publications from The Swedish School of Textiles

The School publishes other journals and books. Some of them are available for purchase and others are available for free down load.

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