Research Groups

Library and information science research groups at SSLIS


Library and information science takes its departure point in issues concerning information and/or culture that is stored in some form of document. Within the discipline processes are studied which, depending on objectives and content, can be described as information provision or the mediation of culture and includes the study of libraries and other institutions with similar functions that participate in these processes. The discipline is related to a range of other disciplines within the social sciences, humanities as well as technology. (Swedish Research Council’s subject descrip- tion, 1989).

Research at SSLIS is carried out by researchgroups with special interests in:

  • Information practices
  • Digital resources and services: culture and information
  • Libraries, culture and society

Each research group is coordinated by two researchers.

On the commission of the University of Borås, SSLIS also carries out research in social media.


Åsa Söderlind: Director of Research Studies

Jan Nolin: Research Director