Digital Resources and Services: Culture and Information

The research direction "Digital resources and services" is uniting researchers who investigate the issues related to the creation, design, production, delivery, access, retrieval, and use of products and services in digital environment within any sector of human activities (digital libraries, collections, information and data resources, etc.). They also develop, investigate and evaluate the tools and ways that are used for these purposes (classification, clustering, metadata, various information systems, bibliometrics, etc.).


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Research projects

Since 2012 the group worked very successfully on preparing a number of research applications. Big projects in the area of digital preservation (EU financed PERICLES), e-books (funded by Swedish Research Council) and digital humanities (EU supported DiXit) have been successfully started in 2013. The members of the group publish between 10-20 peer reviewed articles per annum (DIVA). Four doctoral students are working under the supervision of the group members at the moment.