Lab and Equipment

Polymer research laboratory - list of equipment.

  • Micro compounder equipped with two conical screws of 150 mm length. The sample volume is 15 cm3 and the operating temperature is up to 350ºC.
  • Injection moulding machine with the possibility to prepare specimens according to ISO 527-2-5A (tensile strength) and ISO 179 (Charpy impact strength). The barrel capacity is 10 cm3 and the injection and holding pressure is 10-16 bar. The injection temperature is up to 300 º and the mould temperature is up to 200ºC.
  • Film device connected to the microcompounder. The film die is of 35 mm width and has a 0.4 mm slit. The drums have a diameter of 75 mm, and the speed drum (next to the compiunder) can be adjusted between 100 – 5000 mm/min, and the torque drum can be adjusted to 1.5 Nmm minimum.
  • Fibre drawing unit from Fourné Polymertechnik connected to the microcompounder. The unit has two Godget rolls and a bobbin fibre uptaker. Monofilaments in the diameter range 0.2 – 1.0 mm can be made.
  • A hydraulic hot plate press for preparation of composite laminates.
  • A thermogravimetric analysator (TGA) TA Instruments Q500 for analysis of polymers, plastics, textiles and composites.
  • A differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) Q1000 from TA Instruments equipped robotic sample loading. The photocalorimeter accessory (PCA) enables the analysis of photochemical reactions.