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Textiles and Fashion


Textile and fashion is one of the areas where University of Borås carries a national responsibility. The area focuses on subjects such as design, textile technology and textile management. This research area is mainly developed through the investment in Smart Textiles and F3 - Fashion, Function, Futures

The strategic research idea behind Smart Textiles is to develop the program into a driving and gathering force between business-led development projects and experimental research at the University of Borås. The investment in F3 is a way to strengthen research in textile management and its applications in and development of the textile and fashion sector, through the value chain from idea to customer.

In connection to this, The Swedish School of Textiles has an overall strategy to strengthen the three areas of design, technology and management.

Artistic area

The development of research within the artistic area has two main aims: textile design and fashion design. To widen the educational arena and to open up for doctoral students who do not have a background in textiles, the main areas are supplemented with textile interaction design.

Research within the artistic area has been built up in close connection with research within the area of textile technology management in practical design research, design theory and design criticism. The Swedish School of Textiles has an internationally unique experimental environment gathering both advanced studies and doctoral studies into a practice based development of the artistic grounds.

In the framework of the University of Borås’ research profiles, Smart Textiles and F3, The Swedish School of Textiles has a responsibility for deepening the artistic perspective and collaboration between art and science.

On-going Research Projects

Finished Research Projects

Barbara Jansen - Temporal Patterns

Researcher Barbara Jansen about her dissertation "Composing over time, temporal patterns - in Textile Design" and the exhibition Temporal Patterns.