PreHospen - Centre for Prehospital Research


Research is conducted in national and international collaboration at PreHospen. The integration of both research and clinical practice makes PreHospen a unique asset for researchers and doctoral students as well as professionals.
 Interdisciplinary research is conducted that integrates caring sciences, medicine, medical technology, and technology related to dispatch centres, ambulance emergency care, emergency rooms, and primary and regional healthcare. The goal is to increase knowledge development within the prehospital area so that the early care of ill, injured, and suffering people can be improved.

PreHospen is a strong national and international knowledge resource at the University of Borås. PreHospen is one of the country’s leading prehospital research centres for issues and knowledge needs within prehospital emergency healthcare.

PreHospen’s research and development projects are divided into eight areas:

  • Patient safety
  • Ambulance and other registries
  • Patients’ and relatives’ experiences
  • Prehospital assessment for accurate care
  • Prehospital emergency care and treatment
  • Ambulance staff’s work environment
  • Care in war settings
  • Leadership and education


On-going Research Projects

Finished Research Projects

Ambulance nurses

PreHospen – prescribing early care

The first care is often the most important, but rarely the most prioritised among decision makers. PreHospen, a Nordic-leading prehospital research centre, has worked for almost 20 years to change this.


Strong investment in research on the Human Perspective in Care

How can health professionals alleviate fear and pain in children and young patients? How can they communicate better with older people? How can assessments in ambulances become more certain? And what is required of managers in elderly care? All this and more is what new doctoral students at the University of Borås will find out as a new doctoral...

As of last spring, the University of Borås has rights to grant doctoral degrees in the area of the Human Perspective in Care. Now there is to be a large investment in this area as six PhD positions are announced for the doctoral programme.

"It is very important to conduct more research in caring sciences, as society faces a variety of challenges in health care now; for example, that we are living longer and have a greater need for care," says Gunilla Carlsson, Director of...