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SIIR - Swedish Institute for Innovative Retailing


Swedish Institute for Innovative Retailing (SIIR) logotypeSIIR is a centre at the University of Borås that aims to deliver research resources and research environment to the retailing field, retail industry and society as a whole, in order to contribute to innovative and sustainable retailing.

The programme involves research disciplines in a multitude of research fields at the University of Borås such as business, IT, demand chain management, risk management, sustainability and event management. Operations within SIIR are focused on research and contract research, but also includes the dissemination of knowledge in various forms aimed to business organizations and practitioners.

All research conducted within the framework of SIIR is aimed to increase trade skills, both in academia and industry, and a particularly focus on the e-commerce field.  SIIR works closely with the industry and our partners include Svensk Digital Handel (organizer for Swedish distance selling companies), West Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Ellos Group, Hemtex, Gina Tricot, Vinga of Sweden and the Center for Retailing (Gothenburg University, School of Business, Economics, and Law).

This is SIIR
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