Ongoing PhD-projects

Here you find the list of ongoing PhD-projects within the doctoral education in Resource Recovery.

Doctoral student Principal supervisor Working title Planned dissertation
Adib Kalantar Mikael Skrifvars Innovative Composite Materials by Focusing on Resource Recovery 2018
Ramkumar Nair Mohammad Taherzadeh Integration of the First and Second Generation Ethanol Processes Using Fungi 2017
Kamran Rousta Kim Bolton Social Aspects in Waste Management – a Procedure to Evaluate the Source Separation System 2018
Regina Jijoho Patinvoh Mohammad Taherzadeh Plugflow and Textile Reactor for Dry Anareobic Digestion. 2017
Mostafa Jabbari Mohammad Taherzadeh Preparation of Appropriate Materials for a Biofuel Textile Reactor 2018
Pedro Ferreira Mohammad Taherzadeh Cultivation of Filamentous Fungi in Industrial Side-streams 2018
Alex Osagie Osadolor Mohammad Taherzadeh Design and Development of Textile Bioreactor for Etrhanol and Biogas Production 2018
Francis Eboh Chinweuba Tobias Richards Energy and Exergy Analysis of Waste Power Plant 2018
Ulla Lindberg Nicklas Salomonsson Innovativa och energieffektiviserande åtgärder I livsmedelsbutiker  2018
Kontantinos Chandolias Mohammad Taherzadeh Combination of Gasification and Anaerob Digestion in Membrane Bioreactors 2019
Veronika Batóri Mohammad Taherzadeh Production of Antimicrobial Bio-composite Films from Citrus Waste By Fungi 2019
Lukitawesa Lukitaewsa Mohammad Taherzadeh Biogas from Toxic Containing Material Two Stage Digestion 2019
Amir Mahboubi Soufiani Mohammad Taherzadeh Robust Biofuel Production by Novel Flat Sheet Reverse Membrane Bioreactors (rMBR) 2019
Andreas Nordin Anita Pettersson Recovery of Phosphorus from Sewage Sludge Ashes 2020
Madumita Sadagopan Katarina Malaga Concrete Waste with Focus on Sustainability 2020
Babak Nemat Kim Bolton The Role of Packaging Design to Reduce the Total Amount of Packaging Waste 2020
Steven Wainaina Mohammad Taherzadeh Syngas Fermentation Towards  Biochemicals Production 2020
Pedro Luz Brancoli Kim Bolton Resource Recovery with Focus on Food Waste 2020
Rebecca Gmoser Mohammad Taherzadeh Novel Application of Filamentous Fungi 2021