Pieta Eklund

The library's role in focus

The University of Borås now has its first researching librarian.  Pieta Eklund wants to develop the collaboration between researchers and the library, an area she will also focus on as a part of her postgraduate studies.

“I want to find out about the librarian's role in research projects and what is required for collaboration between librarians and researchers to function well,” says Pieta Eklund, who since 1 September spends the majority of her working hours on postgraduate studies.

She has worked as a librarian at the University's library over the last four years and also has a background as a teacher at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science. That is also where she studied at the start of the 2000s.

As a librarian she has worked extensively on publication issues together with the University's researchers. This coupled with a study visit to Welch Library, a research library at John Hopkins University School of Medicine in the US, aroused her curiosity and the desire to start researching.

“I am one of the first in the country with the opportunity to take a doctorate in the subject as a part of my regular work. It is fantastic that the University has given me this opportunity.”

Investigates the role of librarians in the research process

Until now Pieta Eklund has just started her independent study. In addition to looking at the role of librarians in the research process and in collaboration with researchers, she also wants to investigate the role the library could have in the research process.

“The services of the library are currently very student-focused. I hope that my postgraduate studies will be able to increase the collaboration areas for researchers during the course of the work, but also that the research will contribute to developing the research support of the library.”

She thinks that the library's expertise could be used to a much greater extent and believes that many researchers lack awareness about everything the University's librarians can actually help with. It may be everything from analysing publications when new professors are employed to finding collaboration partners or help for choosing appropriate journals to publish research results. 

“Developing the support for researchers is a major driving force for me. Now I have five years to become more knowledgeable and it feels really great,” says Pieta Eklund.

Text: Helena Lindh
Photo: Ulf Nilsson