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Björn Hammarfelt

The role of patent in scientific communication to be...

Björn Hammarfelt, researcher at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, investigates the role of the patent as a source of...

Students in lab

New methods in textile production can improve the environment

A new research project will develop methods for dyeing and finishing textiles. The purpose is to reduce wastewater from the dyeing companies.

New method for classifying ash important to energy companies

Now researchers will make attempts to develop a new method for classifying bottom ash – an issue important to energy companies in Sweden.

Sewage technology in a new field of use

A new technology that can be used in reactors for the production of bioethanol is designed and developed at the University of Borås.

Rebecca wants to create new products from waste

Synthetic pigments are found in many products. These pigments can be expensive and hazardous to health. This is what Rebecca Gmoser wants to change.

Lack of knowledge of violence against men

We know far too little about men who are exposed to violence in close relationships, says Claes Ekenstam, senior lecturer in History of ideas.

Welcome to lectures with new professors and honorary doctor

Grab the opportunity to listen to lectures in different areas when the university’s new professors and the new honorary doctor give their lectures.

The first honorary doctor has a broad knowledge of textiles

Clare Johnson, is the first Honorary Doctor of the University of Borås, she has long and broad experience from the textile field.

IT services are becoming more efficient, cheap and innovative

A new digital tool that increases efficiency and improves relationships between customers and service providers in IT.

Expert knowledge on biogas production to Indonesia

In Indonesia, biogas produced along with other waste from the fruit industry is of great interest.