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Hanna Maurin Söderholm

Technology for better ambulance care

Hanna Maurin Söderholm conducts research in information and communications technology in ambulance care. Here, she explains more about her research.

Alex Osagie Osadolor

New technology streamlines production of biogas and bioethanol

Textile reactors, developed at the University of Borås, have gotten new features that provide a more efficient production of biogas and bioethanol.

Recycled concrete becomes new concrete

Madumita Sadagopan, PhD student in the civil engineering department, runs the only research project in Sweden about concrete waste.

Uniting strengths in new materials

For five years, a successful cooperation has developed between the University of Borås and the University of Portsmouth.

Internationalisation enriches the research environment

SCRR takes an active approach to internationalisation and frequently welcomes visiting doctoral students.

Integrated digital platform for a new clothing business model

Researchers are now developing an innovative business model to make it profitable to manufacture small series of certain garments in Europe.

New industrial graduate school in digital retailing

With support from the Knowledge Foundation the University of Borås and Jönköping University starts the industrial graduate school INSiDR.

Ethical challenges for medical personnel in combat zones

Licensed medical personnel on military operations abroad experience dual loyalties between the military organisation and their medical ethics.