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New views for Science Park Borås, Smart Textiles, and GIO

Science Park Borås, Smart Textiles, and Grants and Innovation Office are now sharing space in Textile Fashion Center.

Christine Lundberg

The retail sector will learn from popular culture tourism

“We want to investigate and learn how to create engaging environments within popular culture tourism.”

Served by quiet gossip – how comfortable can we be?

A more comfortable life is one of the main selling points of new technologies. But is there, in fact, a limit to how comfortable we can be?

New instruments measure how well fabrics can be draped

Composites of renewable materials are being developed at the University of Borås for future use in, for example, the automotive industry.

More efficient gasification of biomass with new catalysts

If metals are used when biomass undergoes gasification the process can be more effective. Abas Mohsenzadeh will examine how metals affect the...

Discarded clothes can provide new business chances

Instead of selling overproduced garments at a discount, business can give them a new life, and perhaps find new target audiences.

Artistic design research in continual motion

Linnea Bågander has designed since she, as a 12-year-old, began to sew her own clothes and discovered that she could decide how they looked.

Recycle sludge for a sustainable environment

Anita Pettersson wants to create a more sustainable environment by reusing what already exists.

A celebration of the university's education and research

Days of Knowledge takes place 19 October and has an international theme this year. For the first time, the Social Media Prize will also be given out.

New recycling of plastic

What happens to plastic if nanomaterial is added? This is what Martin Bohlén and Dan Åkesson will be looking into in their new research project.