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Design, Textiles and Sustainable Development

The goal of the research group within the theme Design, Textiles and Sustainable Development is to establish an open, dynamic and sustainable ecosystem for research, innovation and education within Smart Textiles. 

The research group has identified two domains within the theme where the universities are strongest. For the University of Skövde, it is “advanced information systems and models”. And for the University of Borås, it is “design and textile technology in smart textiles”. Through this collaboration, the universities retain and expand their leadership roles within their respective domain. This will also lead to the educational institutions strengthening their long-term competitiveness and innovation potential within the Swedish textile industry, as well as within new areas for textiles. 

The research group will drive the work forward through, for example, four postdoctoral positions. Two will be based in Borås and two in Skövde.

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Research leader Vincent Nierstrasz,
University of Borås,
Theme: Design, Textiles and Sustainable Development