Emma Kowalczyk

 Contact: emma.kowalczyk@skane.se

I have worked as a specialist ambulance nurse in Helsingborg since 2003. I very much enjoy working within the area of prehospital care, yet over the years I developed a desire to develop and gain new knowledge in the area about which I am so passionate. I currently study part-time to complete my Master’s paper in Caring Science and work part-time within Ambulance Healthcare in Northwestern Skåne in the area of Pre- and interhospital Emergency Care, which also finances my studies. My hope is that my Master’s paper will be the first article in my upcoming doctoral dissertation.

I look forward to the challenges I will face and hope that my studies will bring the field of ambulance care new knowledge that will benefit both patients and ambulance personnel. I am tied to PreHospen at the University of Borås via my prehospital research field and my study supervisor.

My degree work is about ambulance care’s referral of patients to self-care and primary care. This places great demands on the responsibilities of ambulance personnel. Questions of ethics and patient safety are come to light.

The purpose of the study is to identify how ambulance care works nationally in regards to the referral of patients to primary care and self-care.

Masters thesis

Chief Ambulance Physicians’ experiences of ambulance personnel’s authority to refer to self-care or primary care—Survey to Chief Ambulance Physicians


The Human Perspecitve in Care


PreHospen - Centre for Prehospital Research


Caring Science


Birgitta Wireklint Sundström, Docent, PreHospen, University of Borås

Anders Bremer, Senior Lecturer, PreHospen, University of Borås

Marcus Praetorius, Doctoral Student in Psychology, Statistical Consultant, University of Borås

Start date: 2015-08-01
End date: 2016-06-01 (preliminary)