Data-Driven Innovation: Algorithms, Platforms and Ecosystems

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Data-driven innovation can be defined as the strategic utilization of data and analytics to improve or foster new processes, products, services, and markets.

The project includes three sub-projects:

  • Software Algorithms for Data Analysis
  • Digital Platforms for Service Innovation
  • Ecosystem Strategies to Navigate Barriers

Our vision is to achieve a sustainable and viable synergy project that is internationally recognized for its contributions to data-driven innovation. The core question will be answered through the combined efforts of researchers and business partners to co-produce knowledge.

The project includes 12 participating business partners and 10 researchers from the University of Borås.

The research environment Information Technology at University of Borås will host the synergy project. Within the research environment, there are two related research programs and two research groups that together represent a broad IT competence including: algorithm design, artifact development, data analytics, data-driven innovation, design science, digital innovation, high-performance computing, IT service management, machine learning, outsourcing, process management, R&D processes, requirements specification, and software development. The two research programs are Data Science and IT, Service and Management. And the two research groups are Computer Science Lab and InnovationLab.

We seek to answer the following overarching core question: How can socio-technical resources enhance datadriven innovation in organizations?

Project outcomes such as algorithms, digital platforms and ecosystem strategies will constitute a toolbox whose tools can be deployed separately, or used in an integrated fashion, to help our business partners tackle their key challenges in data-driven innovation. Even though the participating partners have slightly different business needs, they all share a common interest in developing, implementing, and integrating sociotechnical resources that enhance data-driven innovation.

Business partners

Ellos Group
Tajitsu Industries AB
Tata Consultancy Services
SAS Institute AB
Vinga of Sweden
WSP Sverige AB