Fungi-based biorefinery with ethanol production

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This project focuses on isolation, identification and characterization of edible strains of zygomycetes that can produce ethanol from lignocelluloses. This project is collaboration between the University of Borås, Lantmännen Energi and Lantmännen Agroetanol in Norrköping.

The goal is to integrate zygomycetes into ethanol processes in order to improve the ethanol yield. The raw materials used in this project will be agricultural residuals, such as straw as well as the process streams at Agroethanol, such as the stillage. Furthermore, since theses fungi can grow as pellets, co-fermentation of the zygomycetes and baker’s yeast for fermentation of the hydrolyzates will be considered. The best results will be examined on larger scales with airlift and/or CSTR bioreactors. Finally, the feasibility of integrating zygomycetes into the ethanol production will be considered by process simulation  and the economical calculations and life cycle analysis will be carried out.