Straw pellets and straw briquettes as stabilizing substrates at the biogas plants

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Straw has a great potential for the production of biogas. However, the high content of lignin and C/N ratio and the low content of trace elements limit microbial degradation, growth and activity, and thus biogas production.

Therefore, straw is suitable for biogas production mainly in co-digestion, especially with nitrogen-rich substrates. Microorganisms need a high accessibility to degrade the straw, straw pellets and briquettes can therefore be interesting biogas substrates.

This project aims to investigate the co-digestion process using straw pellets or briquettes. The hypothesis is that the straw has a positive effect on the biogas process, partly by allowing a balanced C/N ratio and by the activation of cellulose-degrading bacteria whose enzyme production potentially increases due to the high availability of substrate. A positive effect would also give an opportunity to combine this material with manure as substrate, since the straw is generally used as a bedding material.