IT, service and management


ITSM goes beyond IT. What differentiates ITSM from other IT-oriented concepts are as the name implies, service and management. There is considerable interest among IT researchers in gaining a better understanding of IT from a service and management perspective. ITSM is also of interest to service and management researchers, especially as an object for empirical study and from an operational, organisational and resource perspective. 

ITSM is an interdisciplinary concept with the goal of creating synergic effects between different fields of science and areas of research. Moreover, IT is incorporated in many products and services as well as in many sciences, including business economics, medical science, pedagogy, textile science and library and information science. 

ITSM research is characterised by among other things, the empirical approach. This entails that our research has two purposes. One is delivering results that can be commercially applied. A primary aspect of the other involves making theoretical contributions for further development of our educational programmes.

In our research we have a well-established contact network with many other schools. We also work with several organisations in both the private and public sectors. We have concrete collaboration in project form with:   Bankgirocentralen AB, Ericsson AB, Fritidsresor, Profecto AB, Pulsen AB, SCB Transforest, TeliaSonera AB, Tregamma Sverige AB, Schenker Privpak, Sogeti AB, Volvo Car, Volvohandelns utvecklings AB, Volvo IT, the City of Borås , ITS at Umeå University (formerly Ladok) the Municipality of Varberg. 

We have arranged ITSM conferences the past two years to serve as meeting places for researchers and those who actually put the technology to use. The conferences have attracted about 100 participants each year.

In 2013 we were named as the best ITSM project of the year by the itSMF trade organisation.