Sustainable built environment

Sustainable Built Environment


Sustainable Built Environment captures the entire planning process from planning to production and management of buildings, structures, districts and cities in terms of sustainability.
Sustainability in the Built Environment is highly topical as a result of societal challenges such as climate change, population growth, ageing, immigration emerging in urban development.
The group is working today with house to live in, roads to travel on, produced in a resource-efficient and environmentally friendly way. We work with the entire chain from planning to construction and maintanance within engineering bachelor and Master programme.
The strategic civil engineeering program identifies and focuses on interdisciplinary research in the construction sector. By challenge-driven research, education and innovation, we want to make real and noticeable difference in the transition towards a sustainable society. The goal is a balanced use of resources and quality of the human built environment.Centre for sustainable built environment (CHS) is nearly connected and aims to establish and support collaboration with industry and society. In addition, a strategic adviser linked to the program and co-financed by the University of Borås and Gunnar Ivarsons Foundation (GIS).