Cultural and Religious Inclusion at the 21st Century University: Managing Diversity among Students and Teachers

I a time, when the global society is transforming the modern nation states, the universities are at the pivot of training students to participate and flourish in this new context.

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Sweden has, in the past decades moved from a modern nation state with a relatively homogenous population into a multicultural society with a population far more heterogenous than before. This is valid not only for students, but also for the university teachers. Still, the concept of an imaged unified past (that never fully existed), has led to ambitions of considering cultural and religious diversity as something negative that needs to be neutralised. This understanding is, however, infused with nation state ideas from a modern concept, and today rather lends confusion than inspiration to students and teachers. This projects aims at describing a history of existent diversity of university teachers, students and disciplines, from didactical and theological perspectives, and how this multiplicity can strengthen in the transformation of Sweden into a global community.

The project is intended to result in a monograph, published for the series Science for Profession, at Borås University, in the spring 2018.