Helios retail - A planningproject for digitalisation w ithin retail stores

The retail sector is facing major challenges when e-commerce takes more and more marketshare. It requires the traditional retail industry, based on physical stores, to embark on to ain-store digital journey.To digitize also the traditional retail business is a must to meet the increased online shopping.

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Traditionally, the digitization of a physical store is far behind the development of otherindustries seen in recent years. For example compared to production environments in other areas, such as manufacturing. This despite the fact that, for example, a modern hypermarketh as a staff and a flow of gods w hich exceeds the same of a medium-sized manufacturing company.

The parties, Gunnebo Security Group, SIIR and ICA Maxi (Högsbo matmarknad AB) have identified the potential for a cutting-edge project intended to digitize communications between resources (primarily staff) and the today isolated islands of different support systems and installed equipment such as a entrancegates, safes, forklifts, POS systems, CCTV-cameras ,doors, queuing systems, self-scanning equipment, price terminals, cash handling machines, panic alarms, timemanagement-systems, telephone system, scheduling systems, etc.

The outcome a subsequent full-scale implemented spearhead project aims both to contribute to greater values for the retail society through the insight on how benefits can be deducted from a digitization impact on processes and flows within the store environment. In additionany technical innovations gained intends to be commercialized and exported internationally by the party Gunnebo AB.