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Postgraduate Studies in Resource Recovery

Since March 2011 the School of Engineering has its own postgraduate programme within the discipline of Resource Recovery.

Resource Recovery as a research field covers the development of methods for recovering resources, energy and materials from waste or residues from industrial processes. In addition, development of materials to improve the recyclability. This requires deep knowledge and experience across a broad area of ​​technology, while co-operation with relevant industry and related research is necessary. With our own doctoral programme and authority to examine increases the opportunities to further broaden the interdisciplinary Research area of Resource Recovery towards other disciplines, such as logistics, sociology and psychology.

Application for the postgraduate programme

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If you are interested in coming to the University of Borås as a visiting doctoral student, you are welcome to apply by using the Application form for visiting PhD students (Word-file).

For more information about the doctoral programme, please contact:
Tomas Wahnström, Director of Studies
Irene Lammassaari, Education Administrator