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Khokar, Nandan

Khokar, Nandan

Signature: NAKH

As Professor of Textile Technologies for Composites my focus is on imparting and expanding the new knowledge created through patented inventions of certain 2D and 3D fabric-forming technologies and their corresponding advanced reinforcement materials. Some of these pioneering innovations formed my doctoral work which concerned establishing the principles and technicalities of 3D-Weaving, Uniaxial Noobing and Tape-Weaving processes and their fabric structures.

I obtained Ph.D. in 1997 from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and Masters in Textile Technology and industrial exposure earlier in India. For contributions in advancing the field of textiles I was made a Fellow of The Textile Institute, UK, in 2009. 

It is enjoyable and satisfying to complement lectures with aspects of technologies, machines, patents and entrepreneurship as students value receiving first-hand knowledge and experiences from my being the co-founder and R&D Manager of Biteam AB and Oxeon AB, the companies which are based on my inventions and have opened new technical and commercial frontiers in the field.