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Lill Langelotz

Lill Langelotz

Senior Lecturer

Department of Educational Research and Development

Phone: 033-4354470

Mobile: 0739-257959

E-mail: lill.langelotz@hb.se

Room number: B605

Signature: lil

My research interest focuses on (teachers') continuing professional development (CPD), collaborative and collegial learning, peer group mentoring (PGM), professional and educational practices. Furthermore, I am interested in critical and participative collaborative research approaches such as Participative Action Research (PAR). I applied practice theory in my PhD work.

I work with staff development and as a lecturer, teaching university teachers and student teachers as well as school teachers (CPD).

Title of Dissertation

What 'make(s)' a good teacher? A study of peer Group mentoring as a practice of professional development.


Supervision of doctoral students