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Kristina Lundberg

Kristina Lundberg

Department of Caring Science

Phone: 033-4354508

E-mail: kristina.lundberg@hb.se

Room number: E522A

Signature: KRLU

I am a doctoral student (80%) in the field of Health and Caring Sciences, the School of Health Sciences, employed and funded by the University of Borås. My area of research is Ethical problems among medical personnel in the combat zone. The rest, 20%, I am lecturer, which may imply lecturing in reflection on the basic course (Nursing) and lectures in ethical and existential care issues.

I have been employed by the university of Borås since May 2012. Previously, I worked as a priest in the Church of Sweden. I have a bachelor's and master's degree in Religious Studies from University of Uppsala. Furthermore, I have academic studies in classical languages, law and leadership, also from University of Uppsala. I was employed as a vicar (rector) both in Värmland and Halland. In recent years I signed up and made basic soldier training for the Swedish Armed forces. I have been a battalion chaplain, stationed first in Kosovo and later in  Afghanistan, hence the interest in this particular area of research. I have one studie published with my co-workers in Journal of Military Medicine.